Original Designs and Construction by
Landscape Artisan, Nature Replicator
Chad Arnstowski


A Little
Bit About
Chad Arnstowski


CA Yardscape was created by Chad Arnstowski in 2012 after he decided to follow a life-long passion fusing his love for art, physical fitness and all that is nature. "If we all just took a bit more time away from our screens to reconnect with nature, I beleive we'd all see a increase in our overall wellness and well being."

Born in raised in Stratford, Ontairo, Chad was no stranger to beautiful landscapes (Stratford was always in the running for a "Communities in Bloom" award). He recalls some of his most memorable childhood experiences at the East end of Batershall Park playing boats in the creek. "It was the one place where I truly could feel peace."

"I grew up in a house where the TV was always on and peace and quiet was hard to come by." Explains Chad "To have the luxury of living a stone's throw away from something natural was a real gift growing up."

During his teenage years, Chad did struggle with being a slave to the TV set, He fell into the sedentary trap with sitcoms, game shows, sports and the news feeding him lazy comfort. If it weren't for his love for nature on the golf course and at the Old Grove and his love for playing, coaching and anything baseball he may have encountered serious obesity issues.

"Looking back, if I wasn't playing baseball or being active somewhere near to nature, I was a slave to the television set. Nobody could ever predict the changes that were to come?"

In his later twenties he found comfort in embracing a more active lifestyle, releasing his grip on the remote control which, in his opinion was a tool he worked with great precision.

Upon moving into their first home in Brantford, Ontario, Chad and his wife April discovered the joys of owning and caring for a property on which their creativity could be applied (along with some sweat and elbow grease).

Finally, after working several years in the insurance industry in Bowmanville, Waterloo and Ancaster, Chad had decided that it was time to live and explore his passion. He enrolled at Mohawk College in Hamilton and attended several landscape design and horticulture courses as he transitioned his career from desk jockey to a hard-working, creative-thinking, fresh-air breathing Landscape Artisan (a title which he invented for himself) and created CA Yardscape & Colour (Now simply just CA Yardscape).

Since starting CA Yardscape, Chad has enjoyed working with and for some amazing clientele in Stratford, St. Mary’s, Brantford, Ancaster, Hamilton, Woodstock, Kitchener, New Hamburg and Thamesford. Some of the many projects that he is most proud of are the ones where he is able to use the input of the client along with her family to design and then build with their needs, budget and desires in mind providing function, comfort and beauty in an more naturalized outdoor environment, which is used much like an outdoor addition to the home which is shared and enjoyed by friends and family also.

Some of Chad’s favorite materials include natural stone such as Moss Rock or Mossy Weathered Limestone, Mexican River Rock, Reclaimed Natural Flagstone, Granite Stone, Pea Gravel, Weathered wood and Driftwood, Various Sedum and Stone Crop Succulents, Mugo Pine, Creeping Thyme, Recirculating water features, Antika Stone from Techo Bloc, Barnboard, Tree Stumps and Reclaimed Brick – No shortage of favorites here, eh?

Known by many to be an outside-of-the-box thinker, Chad’s designs are different and some may even say unusual in comparison to the many existing landscapes that surround the local area. He focuses on Nature and is inspired by Nature, which fuel his passion to provide harmony and peace with nature, working with Mother Nature as a Steward of the land.

Over the past couple of years CA Yardscape has branched out to now be able to provide professionally installed Water Features and Chad is a Certified RainXchange Professional through Aquascape. Always inspired by nature, too often Chad has been quoted to say “When people go for a hike, they don’t find an open expanse of lawn, they go out into nature. Why not bring nature into your yard so that you can experience it without the commute?”


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