Stone. Countless Shapes, Colours & Sizes

It can get overwhelming, knowing that there are thousands, that's right, thousands of options when it comes to decorating and detailing your outdoor space with stone. Let us guide you to the best fit for your tastes, style and budget.

Every stone has it's place.

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Paver Patios and Pathways

   A patio is a place where fun begins. (and for many continues on to the wee hours of the night). All patios we construct are made to last well beyond your lifetime. This is not your typical "concrete pad". A high quality paver patio is constructed with the right technology below the surface and prepared properly so that maintenance is minimal and it's beauty and function last for generations.

A keen attention to detail is taken during construction of the patio to ensure its beauty and durability.  Thanks to modern advancements in the industry, all pavers used are Icing Salt resistant and installed with polymeric sand filling the gaps between the stones which means  no weeds grow in the cracks between.

From traditional shaped tumbled rectangular pavers to irregularly shaped Antika pavers (Pictured Left) to fitted manufactured flagstone pavers in nearly every shade and texture found in nature. You'll be sure to find a perfect match.

Flagstone Patios, Custom Etching & Mosaic Inlay

Natural Flagstone is a unique and one of a kind surface that can't be replicated by machine. It's the ideal choice when natural stone is a must. Our Flagstone is installed using a specialized "Dry-Set" technique with polymeric stone dust used between the joints. Additional materials can be added to the gaps between for a more dazzling finish. Often Mosaic Inlay and custom shaped & etched stone can be added into a patio to make it truly one of a kind and custom to your tastes.

Throughout your landscape you may have areas of casual step traffic, which may be a better fit for custom hammered flagstone stepping stones. We've even custom etched and stained Address Markers,  Family names and Company & Sports Logos on to Flagstone for a very personalized look.


Rocks & Boulders. As they appear in Nature

Imagine a space in your yard inspired by a walk in the woods. Picture from your window: birds singing and wildlife playing. It's a place that has the look and feel and general vibe of nature. It's a place where nature promotes healing and stress relief. It's your slice of nature. Easier to maintain than a lawn or a flowerbed, budding and blooming with natural and native plant-life and the odd butterfly or two.

Dry Riverbeds & Creekbeds & Convertible Streams

If you're not sure whether water is what you want or have budgeted for, you can always consider the option in the future by having a dry riverbed created to be convertable. To convert it's as simple as adjusting a few minor details, adding a pump and the proper plumbing for water flow and, voila, it can easily transform into a recirculating stream or babbling brook.

Permeable Paving & Permeable Stone Surfaces

Permeable surface options have gained popularity over the years due to an increased awareness on our human impact on the environment.  These options are ideal for anyone wishing to avoid surface run-off into storm sewers or curbside drains. They're also an ideal alternative whenever working below a tree's canopy or working around existing drainage issues.

Permeable surfaces range from actual pavers set with gaps filled with small stone to allow for water to flow directly down into the ground below to beach-like and desert like surfaces which work as an inorganic mulch layer laid in a manner that weeds do not penetrate the surface from below.

Another benefit of a Permeable Surface is it allows for the option of a fountain, bubbling rock or water feature to be added seamlessly to the landscape adding to your outdoor experience.


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