Water. It's Essential.

There's a mysterious, magical draw we have to water. We head to the lake or sea side for vacations. Bringing moving water into your landscape can bring some of that paradise inches away from your doorstep and just outside your window.

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Fountains & Bubbling Water Features

Slate Urns, Spilling Bowls and Gurgling Natural Basalt Columns are some of the ways to bring the sound of water to your yard to attract birds and butterflies. They're super-easy to maintain and use very little electricity. When accented with moss rock, these fountains provide enough moisture to keep the moss green, glowing and growing strong.

Pondless & Disappearing Waterfalls

This to many can appear as a miracle oasis sprung from nowhere. A disappearing waterfall, when constructed with nature in mind can be, not just the focal point of your yard but the point of envy of all of your neighbours. Water flows over the falls, splashes the rocks, and invites wildlife from miles around to disappear into the ground only to flow over the falls once again. You can spend hours just "Being" next to a natural babbling brook. This is an oasis without the drive to the conservation area. It's your own private waterfall.

Recirculating Waterfall

The beauty and sound of moving water

The noise of the city can be, at times, unnatural and far from peaceful. By adding the sound of splashing and moving water you counter the unnatural noise with the soothing sound of nature. It's like having a "Nature Sounds" machine in your outdoor space.

Research: Nature Promotes Healing, Uplifts Mood

Studies have shown that patients who are recovering from surgery require less pain medication, lower blood pressure and resting heart rate when recovery takes place in view of a natural landscape. Other research shows that the negative ions released when water splashes have been proven to alleviate depression, release stress and boost energy.

Bury it or Bring it back?

Some say that ponds are a pain in the, well, let's not go there. If you've moved into a new home with an existing pond, and it's too overwhelming, or if you have a pond that just seems to be a hassle to keep clean and maintain, or if it just doesn't appear natural, there are solutions to rehabilitate it into a natural wonder. Before you consider filling it in, consider scaling it back, or rebuilding the waterfall. Most often the issue old troublesome ponds face is a related to a lack of following some ecological principles that nature has proven successful. Crystal clear water can and should exist in a backyard pond. We can help if you need it.


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